Orange Art & Architecture

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The Orange Art & Architecture Project, funded by iSchool BoA member Christine Larsen, is developing a web-based app which utilizes public and archival information on architecture, art, flora, and memorials around the SU cam...


The Illuminating Project

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Illuminating is a computational journalism project that is meant to empower journalists covering presidential and midterm campaigns. Political reporters must cover not only stump speeches, campaign events, and TV ads, but also ...


Socio-technical Affordances for Stigmergic Coordination Implemented in MIDST, a Tool for Data-Science Teams

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Professors Jeff Saltz and Kevin Crowston, along with Research Analyst Yatish Hegde, are researching a conceptual framework for socio-technical affordances for stigmergic coordination, that is, coordination supported by a shared...



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CCDS Affiliate, Jenny Stromer-Galley Receives Book Award


CCDS Welcomes New Affiliates!


Jeff Hemsley

Center for Computational & Data Science (CCDS) Announces New Director



POSTPONED until March 18 & 19, 2021 - The Things We Do For Data: Social Science Between Collusion & Going Rogue

First and foremost, given these uncertain times, we hope you are safe and healthy. 

Clearly, in these unprecedented circumstances we have had to reconsider the timing of The Things We Do for Data: Social Science Between Collusio...


CCDS presents Virtual Research Talk with Fabian Stephany

Is the Future of Work Online? Why Online Labour Platforms Act as Skill-Laboratories

The talk is motivated by the global challenge of rapidly changing skill requirements for the working population due to task automation, result...