Yatish Hegde

Yatish Hegde

Yatish is a Research Staff member for CCDS. He plays a key role in the design and implementation of research projects within CCDS and the iSchool. Yatish has many years of experience in the development of information retrieval, natural language processing, machine learning, content analysis and digital object repository applications. Previously, Yatish was associated with the CNLP (Center for Natural Language Processing) at the iSchool. His current interests include using NLP and Machine Learning techniques to solve data science problems and content analysis of social science data.

Yatish holds masters degree in Information Management (Syracuse University, 2010) and under-graduate degree in Computer Science (R.V. College of Engineering, 2005). During his graduate studies at Syracuse, Yatish worked on multiple research projects at the Center for Natural Language Processing as a graduate research assistant.

Before coming to Syracuse, Yatish worked for Alcatel-Lucent (previously, Lucent Technologies India R&D) as a software engineer.


Yatish was greatly involved in comparing indexing thoughput, indexing size, query evaluation throughput and retrieval effectiveness of open source search engines - Lucene/Solr and Indri, from 2009 to 2011. His current research interests include applying NLP and Machine Learning techniques to solve data science problems and re-usability of valuable research data.