Steve Wallace

Stephen Wallace


Professor Stephen Wallace is a Professor of Practice at the Syracuse University iSchool. Dr. Wallace is an executive-level practitioner and educator with over 35 years of experience designing, developing and delivering Information Technology solutions in Business and Healthcare based environments. He holds BS in Operations Management from Syracuse University, an MBA from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and a Doctorate in Computing from Pace University.

Professional Experience

Professor Wallace has been CIO of four large organizations including almost seven years as the Corporate CIO for a $5bil public company, where he managed a global IT services team with over 200 people and was responsible for many large projects, some exceeding $100m. 

Professor Wallace also founded BizLitics LLC. Recent Healthcare projects include: Developed a Clinical Analytics / Population Health Systems architecture design to accommodate patient information from multiple EMR and Payer systems. Designed and implemented a Unified Clinical Messaging and IOT Architecture for Infant Protection and Mobile Alarm Distribution.

Current Entrepreneurial, Research and Experiential Learning Interests

Developing a social collaboration platform designed to help family members care for an aging parent or loved one, often from a remote location. The platform supports private collaboration between family care team members like messaging, alerts, activity tracking and secure document storage.

Developing a prototype for a Multi-Channel Social Community Engagement Platform. This solution uses Clinical and Social Determinants of Health data to create risk stratified segments of patients/people. Care providers can then use these risk-stratified lists to create highly targeted multi-channel engagement campaigns, designed to communicate with people in ways that are unique to each segment.   

Working with a student team to develop a Population Health Data Warehouse Solutions for research and experiential learning purposes.  At the heart of the solution is a Synthetic Patient Data Generation Engine that allows us to generate very realistic patient health data for a variety of chronic diseases. The solutions also contains series of pre-build Population Health Dashboards and a number of predictive models that can be used to risk stratify patients.


Wallace currently teaches classes in Data Science and Natural Language Processing.