Kevin Crowston

Kevin Crowston

Kevin Crowston is a Distinguished Professor of Information Science at the Syracuse University School of Information Studies. He received his A.B. (1984) in Applied Mathematics (Computer Science) from Harvard University and a Ph.D. (1991) inĀ Information Technologies from the Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


His research examines new ways of organizing made possible by the use of information technology. He approaches this issue in several ways: empirical studies of coordination-intensive processes in human organizations (especially virtual organization); theoretical characterizations of coordination problems and alternative methods for managing them; and design and empirical evaluation of systems to support people working together.

He was until recently a PI on 3 NSF-sponsored projects: NSF SOCS Grant 09-68470 for "SOCS: Socially intelligent computing to support citizen science" (see here for details); NSF SOCS Grant 11-11107 for "SOCS: Socially intelligent computing for coding of qualitative data" (see here for details); and NSF SOCS Grant 12-11071 for "Collaborative Research: Focusing Attention to Improve the Performance of Citizen Science Systems: Beautiful Images and Perceptive Observers" (see here for details).

Keywords: virtual work; virtual organizations; free/libre/open source software development practices; motivating system support for citizen science projects; semi-automated qualitative data analysis; data science


Research methods; systems analysis; cyber-infrastructure.


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