Illuminating 2016

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Illuminating 2016 is a computational journalism project that will empower journalists covering the 2016 presidential campaign. Political reporters must cover not only stump speeches, campaign events, and TV ads, but also what is happening on social media. Covering it increases transparency and accountability of the campaigns, and is a way to take the pulse of the electorate. The sheer volume of information that flows through social media, however, makes it challenging to report accurately and comprehensively. Our goal is to help journalists in that important work by providing a useable yet comprehensive summary of the content and sentiment—that goes beyond counting likes or retweets. Illuminating 2016 will enable political journalists an insightful yet accessible summation of the important political conversation online.

This project is supported by the Knight Foundation, the Tow Center for Digital Journalism at Columbia University, the Center for Computational and Data Sciences and the BITS Lab at the School of Information Studies at Syracuse University

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The CORA (Citation Opinion Retrieval and Analysis) project aims to build an automated tool that can plug into a full-text bibliographic database, extract citation statements toward a cited article, separate substantial citations from perfunctory ones, and categorize substantial citation opinions by their purposes, subject aspects, tones, and holders and targets of the opinions.

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The TRACE Project

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The TRACE (Trackable Reasoning and Analysis for Collaboration and Evaluation) Project aims at improve reasoning and intelligence analysis through the development of a web-based application that will leverage the use of structured techniques, crowdsourcing and smart nudging to enhance analysts' problem-solving abilities and foster creative thinking.

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