Undergraduate Illuminating Capstone Presentations

December 4th, 2019

We would like to extend a hearty congratulations to the five stellar undergraduate students that completed their capstone presentations today!

 These students conducted extensive data analysis, using both Illuminating Project data and data they gathered, and presented their research findings on how engagement metrics relate to types of political messages, what candidates are saying or doing on the topic of the economy, and other important topics. Some students worked on the capstone project for the fall semester, while others have been gathering data and exploring its use for two years. 

Presentations, in order of pictures below: 

Ben Paterson: "Content Analysis and Engagement Rates of the 2016 Elections"

Amolwan Jittamai: "Political Candidates’ Social Media Economic Messages and The Message Types"

Justin Boone and Liam Heffernan: "Illuminating 2020 Research Project"

Sophie Estep: "Digital Visual Political Communications"

Ben Paterson

Amolwan JittamaiCapstoneCapstone2Sophie Estep