Zenbo and Yankson

CCDS Welcomes Visiting Scholar Benjamin Yankson, and Research Robot Zenbo

April 24th, 2019

CCDS had the opportunity to welcome visiting scholar Benjamin Yankson to the iSchool on Tuesday. Professor Yankson is a Faculty member at Sheridan College’s School of Applied Computing in Ontario, Canada, and current PhD Candidate at University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT). 

Yankson speaks to students and faculty about Privacy Preservation Frameworks in the context of Smart Toys.

Professor Yankson spoke on the topic of Privacy Preservation Framework for Smart Connected Devices. His discussion focused mainly on Smart Toys and the many privacy challenges, and opportunities, that these types of toys present.

Professor Yankson also gave a guest lecture in SOC300, Internet & Society, regarding the Internet of Things. Yankson demonstrated the capabilities and considerations of Smart Toys through his research robot, Zenbo- a student favorite.

Yankson Lunch

Following his presentation on Privacy Preservation Frameworks, Professor Yankson spent time with Master's and PhD students and faculty during lunch in the CCDS lab. He spoke on his current research and the opportunities to further his work, as well as giving advice to current students on areas of future work. 

Thank you for sharing your time, expertise, and Zenbo with all of us here at CCDS!

Huichuan Zenbo
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