Research in Progress Talk: Radhika Garg & Martha Garcia-Murillo

Feb. 20, 2020 to Feb. 20, 2020

11:15 a.m. to 12:15 p.m., public


Hinds Hall 117

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CCDS presents the Research in Progress Spring Series. Join us in welcoming Radhika Garg & Martha Garcia-Murillo

A Digital Re-entry Ladder for Returning Citizens

According to a report from the Department of Justice Statistics, approximately 600,000 are released from prison every year. Unfortunately, most prisons in the US lack training of information and communication technologies (ICTs) which, in today's society, are key to source oneself of the most basic of skills. In this research in progress talk, we describe the characteristics of those returning citizens and explore the determinants that affect the use and competency with ICTs. We take advantage of research from psychology to introduce the notion of the digital re-entry ladder which originated from in-person interviews we had with 25 returning citizens as well as our efforts to implement a digital gig work for these individuals.

Dr. Radhika Garg is an Assistant Professor at the School of Information Studies. Her interdisciplinary research focuses on examining decisions of technology use and its influence at micro, meso, and macro level.

Dr. Martha Garcia-Murillo is a Professor at the School of Information Studies. Her research focuses on the impact of technology on society. Her empirical and theoretical work has analyzed technology’s effect on the informal sector, the creation of new firms and lately on work.