Fall 2018 Research-In-Progress Kicks Off with Prof. Jeff Hemsley!

Jeff Hemsley

Please join CCDS as we welcome Prof. Jeff Hemsley to speak for our first fall 2018 Research-In-Progress presentation! Prof. Hemsley will speak on virality and Dribbble. 

"Virality is a much-studied topic on popular social media sites, but has been rarely explored on niche sites. Dribbble is a niche social networking site for artists and designers with over 600,000 users. Using a mixed-method approach, we explore virality from a user-centric perspective. Interviews with informants confirm that viral-like events do exist on Dribbble, though what spreads are different. With the interviews, we identify the measures and possible driving factors of viral-like events. While what spreads is different than on other platforms, our work suggests that the measures and mechanics that drive these events are similar. This similarity reflects the same fundamental human behavior underlying social phenomenon across different platforms. Our results are supported by regression modeling using variables identified by our informants. Our work contributes to social media studies since smaller sites like Dribbble are rarely studied, particularly using mixed methods approaches, as well as to the body of research around information diffusion and viral events."

We hope to see you there!

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