Wallace & Stanton Become Center Affiliates

Nov. 19, 2019

Steve Wallace

CCDS would like to welcome two new Center Affiliates: Professor of Practice Stephen Wallace and Professor Jeffrey Stanton! 

Steve Wallace

Professor Stephen Wallace is a Professor of Practice at the Syracuse University iSchool. Dr. Wallace is an executive-level practitioner and educator with over 35 years of experience designing, developing and delivering Information Technology solutions in Business and Healthcare based environments. He holds BS in Operations Management from Syracuse University, an MBA from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and a Doctorate in Computing from Pace University.

Jeff Stanton

Professor Jeffrey M. Stanton received his Ph.D. from the University of Connecticut in 1997. He is a Professor of Information Studies at Syracuse University's iSchool. Dr. Stanton’s research focuses on organizational behavior and technology and he has also published on various topics related to research methods. He is the author of four books: Introduction to Data Science; Reasoning with Data: An Introduction to Traditional and Bayesian Statistics using R; Information Nation: Education and Careers in the Emerging Information Professions; and The Visible Employee.


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TRACE Team selected as Innovation Awardee

Sept. 12, 2019

DTC Award

We are proud to announce the TRACE team's selection as a 2019 TechConnect Defense Innovation Awardee!

The annual TechConnect Defense Innovation Awards recognize the top 15% of submitted Challenge technologies as ranked by the Selection Committee. We look forward to following the TRACE team as they present at Defense TechConnect's Innovation Summit & Showcase October 8-9th!


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Josh Introne Joins CCDS as Affiliate

Aug. 19, 2019

Josh Introne

Josh is an Assistant Professor in the School of Information Studies, and new faculty as of fall 2019. Josh is passionate about trying to make the world a better place through collective intelligence. His work adopts a sociotechnical perspective, blending techniques and theories from complex adaptive systems, data science, and human computer interaction. His recent projects include designing an online support platform for people living with HIV / AIDS, and examining how stories evolve in online discussions about vaccines. Josh is eager to collaborate with students and other researchers who share these interests.

Prior to his appointment at the iSchool, Josh was an Assistant Professor in the Department of Media and Information at Michigan State University. Dr. Introne holds Masters and Ph.D degrees from the Brandeis University Computer Science Department. During his graduate studies, he also worked as a scientist at Charles River Analytics to develop decision support platforms for a variety of government agencies. Following his graduate studies Josh was a post-doctoral fellow and research scientist at the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence, where he served as Chief Architect for the MIT Climate CoLab, a platform designed to crowdsource solutions to climate change. 


Josh studies collective intelligence and ...


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CCDS Welcomes Jeff Hemsley as Co-Director

May 13, 2019

Jeff Hemsley

We are excited to welcome Professor Jeff Hemsley as Co-Director of the Center for Computational and Data Science! Professor Hemsley is an Assistant Professor at the School of Information Studies here at Syracuse University. He is co-author of the book Going Viral, which explains what virality is, how it works technologically and socially, and draws out the implications of this process for social change. He is a founding member of the Behavior, Information, Technology and Society Laboratory (BITS lab) here at the Syracuse iSchool.

Professor Hemsley will play a key role in assisting Center Director Jennifer Stromer-Galley in advancing the goals and interests of CCDS within the School of Information Studies and Syracuse University as a whole. Stromer-Galley and Hemsley will do this through championing research, organizing relevant events, and collaborating with and supporting affiliates. 

Hemsley says, "Being Co-Director of the Center is exciting to me because I believe that the Center holds great potential for our affiliates. I think we can do a lot to call attention to the work our affiliates do, as well as create new opportunities for them. One of the ways I'd like to work to create these opportunities is by hosting events and ...


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CCDS Welcomes Visiting Scholar Benjamin Yankson, and Research Robot Zenbo

April 24, 2019

Zenbo and Yankson

CCDS had the opportunity to welcome visiting scholar Benjamin Yankson to the iSchool on Tuesday. Professor Yankson is a Faculty member at Sheridan College’s School of Applied Computing in Ontario, Canada, and current PhD Candidate at University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT). 

Yankson speaks to students and faculty about Privacy Preservation Frameworks in the context of Smart Toys.

Professor Yankson spoke on the topic of Privacy Preservation Framework for Smart Connected Devices. His discussion focused mainly on Smart Toys and the many privacy challenges, and opportunities, that these types of toys present.

Professor Yankson also gave a guest lecture in SOC300, Internet & Society, regarding the Internet of Things. Yankson demonstrated the capabilities and considerations of Smart Toys through his research robot, Zenbo- a student favorite.

Yankson Lunch

Following his presentation on Privacy Preservation Frameworks, Professor Yankson spent time with Master's and PhD students and faculty during lunch in the CCDS lab. He spoke on his current research and the opportunities to further his work, as well as giving advice to current students on areas of future work. 

Thank you for sharing your time, expertise, and Zenbo with all of us here at CCDS!

Huichuan Zenbo

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